Danal Entertainment will
open a new era of Korea’s
contents industry.
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A global company
that creates
the future of
contents industry!
The coming day is a good day! The passion for the good
people to come together and move on to the bigger world continues.
Company always seek changes
Professional Enterprise with over 20 years experience in the contents business
Danal Entertainment started as Korea’s first WAP ringtone service provider, and now reached out in the character contents and smart karaoke business and will continually expand the business.
Global Content Group
Unique contents retention and production skills
Danal Entertainment is a leader to reach out beyond the Korea to China, Japan, Indonesia, U.S.A and to the global market.

Management philosophy

Harmony is the best virtue that Danal Entertainment seeks in the digital convergence era which means not only bonding people and people but also combining organization and people, services and services to create the best synergy within the resources given.
Competitive people are essential for corporate competitiveness. We offer unlimited support for the individuals to demonstrate their abilities in the organization by giving priority of development of team members and self-improvement.
Danal Entertainment will continually pursue creative spirit to take the path that others have not taken and pave the way that others have not thought within the free organization culture which are the basic driving force to stand side to side with global corporation.

Corporation with all the good people

  • Company Name
    Danal Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • CEO
    Heo, Nam Soon
  • Major Business
    Digital Contents (Character, Music, Media and etc.) Production / Distribution / Sales, Hallyu MD Distribution, dal.komm PARTY Karaoke On/Offline Platform Service
  • Headquarter
    9th Fl. Bundang First Tower, 55 Bundang-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea