Danal Entertainment will
open a new era of Korea’s
contents industry.
CEO Message
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A world where
people connect
with contents
We will grow into a company that conveys a variety of emotions such as pleasure, happiness, and warmth through contents
Greetings! This is CEO Heo, Nam Soon of Danal Entertainment.
We have been using internet for all of our communication between people for around some time. People listen to music together, expressing emotions with emoticons, and watching more movies at home than at the theatre. Danal Entertainment is constantly challenging to create a good day for both people and contents by considering the value that can be created in the internet world.In addition, we will connect people around the world and make them happy in their lives through our contents
We look forward to your continued interest
in the great challenge of Danal Entertainment.
Thank you.
  • Happiness
  • Warmth
  • Pleasure