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Business Ethic
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Commitment for clear
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The coming day is a good day
Danal Entertainment creates value through fair and transparent management to pursue sustainable management(CSR)and pursues the public interest as a social enterprise.
Employees are committed to ethical standards based on sound decision-making and ethical standards.
  • We respect the market order and obey all laws and regulations in all areas of our business.
  • We adhere to the basic ethics of our employees on the basis of honesty and trust.
  • We do not engage in improper bribery and entertainment.
  • We do not use information obtained in business for personal purposes.
  • We respect our employees' basic ethics through mutual respect and organic cooperation.
  • We aim to establish a win-win relationship with our partners through fair trade.
  • We maintain the dignity of the company based on autonomy and creativity.
  • We do our best to protect intellectual property rights.
  • We protect the property of the company and observe the confidentiality.
  • We fulfill our social responsibility and service as a corporate citizen.
  • We devote ourselves to the community and do our best to protect the environment by recognizing that the protection of the natural environment is a prerequisite for sustainable development.