The coming day is a good day!
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DANAL Entertainment
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Human Resource System
The coming day is a good day!
The passion for the good people to come together and
move on to the bigger world continues.
Horizontal Organization / Performance and Compensation / Provide Educational Opportunities / Benefit System / Pleasant Work Environment
Horizontal organization
Promote smooth communication and rapid decision-making by operating corporate team system. Eliminate the vertical hierarchy and maximize your ability in an autonomous and creative atmosphere.
Provide educational opportunities
We provide various educational opportunities for the development of competence and improvement of organization. We support language education, job training, and study abroad to nurture professional manpower.
Pleasant work environment
We provide our employees with comfortable office space and a variety of convenient facilities to create efficient working conditions.
Objective performance and compensation management
Danal Entertainment is rewarded by objective evaluation and performance management, not tenure or seniority. Determining salaries and incentives by assessing organization's and individual goals and performance once a year.
Comprehensive benefits system
Supports welfare benefits to improve employee happiness, such as self-development, cultural life, and fitness training. We support activities of various clubs to encourage employees' leisure and organization / corporate culture.