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Comprehensive Content Company leading the trend of the times
We are leading the trend of global Hallyu culture through acquiring, producing and distributing various contents such as music, movie, character, and star.
Music Contents Biz
We have about 80,000 neighboring rights to music and contribute to the spread of popular culture by producing digital source music, investing and distributing them.
dal.komm PARTY
We have expanded our scope to the new concept offline karaoke business based on the music culture industry infrastructure that has accumulated and built over the years.
Character Contents Biz
Providing emoticons to a variety of mobile messengers, starting with the Kakao Emoticon Shop MCP, Tencent in the China and Viber in the U.S., and we are quickly positioned through licensing investments and so on.
Media Contents Biz
Participating in all stages of media related industries by acquiring rights of dramas, movies, and animations through direct imports and investments and distribute to IPTV, cable, portal, and web hard and other platform.