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KaKao Emoticon Shop MCP
As a MCP of KaKao Emotion Shop, DANAL ENTERTAINMENT is making efforts to boost mobile-based emoticons market. We will continue to be recognized as a systematic and exemplary enterprise.
Character Production
Characters are becoming an important means of communicating with consumers. You can maximize the marketing effect by reflecting the direction, emotion, value and expression of the brand through the character. DANAL ENTERTAINMENT provides a systematic process from character development to marketing based on creative ideas and accumulated know-how for a long time.
Emoticon Production / Management / Distribution
Emoticons are pictures that can express emotions online, and they have become the most representative communication culture in the mobile age. In addition to KaKao, we also provide emoticons to various mobile channels such as WeChat, QQ, and Viber.
Character MD production and distribution
Online-based characters are becoming very popular as they enter the offline market. The purchase rate of products that combine characters in all fields is increasing, and products are being released in collaboration with various brands. DANAL ENTERTAINMENT is actively engaged in domestic and overseas distribution business by exploring ideas products that combine with smart phone-based characters.