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Start Messenger Platform
The UFOTOWN service, which was opened in 2007, is the first star-participating 1:1 communication service in Korea with 21 Entertainment Companies and 34 idol groups participating.
UFOTOWN, which has been newly opened from the existing WEB version to the App version, has become a star platform service that is still loved by many people.
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Star GOODS Production & Distribution
DANAL ENTERTAINMENT has established itself as a leading company in the market through innovative planning and product development for star-related products based on network of Entertainment companies.
Beyond the domestic market, we are continuously expanding our distribution network to include Southeast Asia such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand.
On / Offline Channel Affiliate Marketing
From planning to affiliation to marketing, with differentiated product planning through licensing partnership, we are carrying out albums, MD sales, G-market and concert MD pre-sale for each artist in the star channel of Kakao Gift Shop.