Various types of investment and license
secure through planning/production of content
We are securing licenses through investment in quality content such as popular songs and Idols, as well as artists, labels, and OST production companies. In addition, we are leading the development of popular music and culture by planning and producing music and video content, as well as live performances in the city center at Dalkom Coffee.
Supplying music content and entering
the global market from Korean music platform to global platform
We supply content to the world through representative music platforms such as Melon, Genie, Bugs, Flo, and Vibe Music in Korea, and global platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, and Netease Music. We are pioneering a new global market through direct contracts with platforms such as China and Middle East and the release of music by overseas indie artists to Korean platforms.
Global Music Platform AURORA
You can release your music globally through AURORA simultaneously, with direct agreements in over 190 countries with international streaming platforms.AURORA serves as a comprehensive platform, offering artists the ability to efficiently manage licenses and apply for promotional activities, all within a unified environment


Securing various content rights through domestic and overseas digital rights investment and direct foreign films
We are actively working to secure theater and distribution rights by investing in digital rights through various media content such as domestic and foreign films, series, and animation and direct import of foreign films. In addition, we are constantly striving to develop new content to dominate the rapidly changing media market.
Various contents supply and theater distribution business to all domestic platforms including OTT
We are supplying content to all major domestic platforms such as OTT, IPTV, and cable VOD, and are continuing to distribute content to many theaters across the country, including multiplexes. At the same time, we are taking the lead in the development of related industries through reasonable profit distribution, transparent settlement, and copyright management through a systematic monitoring system.


Character Production
Characters are becoming an important means of communicating with consumers. You can maximize the marketing effect by reflecting the direction, emotion, value and expression of the brand through the character. DANAL ENTERTAINMENT provides a systematic process from character development to marketing based on creative ideas and accumulated know-how for a long time.
Emoticons production platform
The culture of anyone becoming a content producer and promoting their existence and generating profits has become a prominent feature of the current generation. Danal Entertainment developed a new ecosystem emoticon production platform that customizes and sells your own emotions by utilizing years of emoticon production experience and content convergence skills.    SmileMe Privacy Policy
Emoticon Production
/ Management / Distribution
Emoticons are pictures that can express emotions online, and they have become the most representative communication culture in the mobile age. In addition to KaKao, we also provide emoticons to various mobile channels such as LINE, WeChat, and Facebook.
Character MD
production and distribution
Online-based characters are becoming very popular as they enter the offline market. The purchase rate of products that combine characters in all fields is increasing, and products are being released in collaboration with various brands. DANAL ENTERTAINMENT is actively engaged in domestic and overseas distribution business by exploring ideas products that combine with smart phone-based characters.


Original content planning,
production, and investment of
live, performance, web drama,
entertainment program, etc
Based on years of entertainment business know-how, we plan, produce, and invest a variety of original content to secure new content IP through advertising and sponsorship as well as broadcasting and transmission on global platforms including terrestrial channels.
In addition, we are concentrating on developing mobile-optimized content that fits the MZ generation’s trend, which consumes content quickly and easily.