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We are leading content – centered industries such as music, movies, characters, and emoticons with the tradition and know-how of 25 years of content business experience.
Company always seeks change
content Business Special Brand
It is a specialized company dealing with content for more than
25 years, starting with the first ‘WAP ringtone’ in Korea, including sound sources, videos, and characters.
Global Content Group
Company believing the value and power of content
It is a global company that always newly challenges innovative new businesses.

Our Values

Harmony is the best virtue that Danal Entertainment seeks in the digital convergence era which means not only bonding people and people but also combining organization and people, services and services to create the best synergy within the resources given.
Competitive people are essential for corporate competitiveness. We offer unlimited support for the individuals to demonstrate their abilities in the organization by giving priority of development of team members and self-improvement.
Danal Entertainment will continually pursue creative spirit to take the path that others have not taken and pave the way that others have not thought within the free organization culture which are the basic driving force to stand side to side with global corporation.

Symbol Mark
The symbol mark is symbolized as progressively emerging Danal Entertainment wings, and at the same time, as the initial V of VICTORY. The three colors that make up the symbol mark are RED, BLUE, and DEEP BLUE, each symbolizing passion, dream, and new world.

The logo type is designed with a sophisticated and smooth curve, which represents the image of Danal Entertainment as GLOBAL IT LEADER. In addition, we are conducting thorough copyright management through a systematic monitoring system. In addition, the contrast between Red and Blue expresses the strong personality of Danal Entertainment, and makes it possible to harmonize with the symbol mark.

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  • 2015~2022 Market Growth
    Signed an MOU with Audioguy to produce stereoscopic sound content
    DANI’s single album New York(with Kei of Lovelyz) released
    Signed an MOU with DasanBooks to produce music and webtoon convergence content
    Signed a deal with more than 20 global music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music etc
    Started import films directly from abroad such as 'Infidel', 'Delicacy' and 'Larry Crowne'
    Selected as an overseas distributor agency for RIAK’s licensed content
    Signed a deal with U.S. Tidal and Arab(Middle East) Anghami
    Participated in 2019 Korea Creator Fest
    Acquired domestic VOD license for Japanese drama 'Gou Gou, the Cat'
    Co-distribution of the movies 'Don’t Worry', 'In the Fade' and 'The Gentlemen'
    Signed exclusive contract with singer 'Hyukjin Park'
    Supplied sound source to NetEase Cloud Music, Chinese music streaming platform
    Export sound source to King Records, a famous Japanese record producer
    Opened dal.komm PARTY coin karaoke room, Sillim and Osan
    Acquired domestic master license for Japanese character 'kanahei’s small animals'
    'dal.komm day Project' series album production
    Invested in Warner Brothers movies 'The Age of Shadows' and 'A single rider'
    Commenced 'dal.komm PARTY' karaoke business - 1st store opened in Shinchon
    Commenced character MD production and writer management business
    Released Korean wave star's WeChat emoticon for the first time in Korea
    Supplied lyrics service to Collaboration karaoke service of LOEN Entertainment
    Launched 'UFO TOWN' APP, 1: 1 communication service with Star
    Selected as a distributor of souvenirs from the 20th Busan International Film Festival
  • 2005~2014 Leaping
    Commenced Star MD production and global distribution business
    Commenced video content distribution business such as Movie/Animation/Drama
    Export sound source to Big Band, a global music distributor
    Supplied lyrics solution to
    Launched music service 'dal.komm MUSIC'
    Supplied emoticons to Chinese Tencent(QQ,WeChat) and Thai mobile network AIS
    Developed and launched Big Bang’s mobile photo book (Awarded)
    Opened 6 dal.komm COFFEE stores - Spin off from own company and incorporated dal.komm Co., Ltd.
    Acquired N-xing Mobile, a lyrics solution company
    Spin off from Danal and lncorporated Danal Entertainment Co., Ltd. to KOSDAQ
    Commenced 'dal.komm COFFEE' business - 1st store opened in Nonhyeon
    Exclusive Distribution in Korea and abroad the Dong-A/Shinchon Music’s sound source
    MCP Contract with KakaoTalk Item Store
    Launched celebrity video phone service 'Star Call'
    Chairman Seong-Chan Park awarded Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
    Securing the neighboring rights of (formerly)Daeyoung AV's music
    Launched 'UFO Radio', Star-Fan Voice Communication
    Awarded Distinguished Service Award 2008 for Mobile Content Services
  • 1997~2004 Establishment
    Launched 'UFO TOWN', a wired and wireless fan mail service
    Started distribution business of neighboring rights of music
    Launched SKT 'Coloring Plus'
    Launched SKT 'June Mobile Service'
    Opened Music portal '' service
    Launched KTF ringtone/call waiting service
    Winner of Jang Young-sil Award for Integrated payment Solution
    Launched Call connect service
    '5857 Ringtone' awarded Best Digital Content
    Launched 'Mobile Karaoke'
    Award for Best Digital Content Expo
    Pioneer in WAP ringtone service in Korea
    Launched ringtone download service
    Contracted ringtone download service with SKT/KTF/Hansol PCS
    Established Danal Co., Ltd.
We creates value through fair and transparent management to pursue sustainable management(CSR) and pursues the public interest as a social enterprise.
Employees are committed to ethical standards based on sound decision-making and ethical standards.
  • We respect the market order and obey all laws and regulations in all areas of our business.
  • We adhere to the basic ethics of our employees on the basis of honesty and trust.
  • We do not engage in improper bribery and entertainment.
  • We do not use information obtained in business for personal purposes.
  • We respect our employees' basic ethics through mutual respect and organic cooperation.
  • We aim to establish a win-win relationship with our partners through fair trade.
  • We maintain the dignity of the company based on autonomy and creativity.
  • We do our best to protect intellectual property rights.
  • We protect the property of the company and observe the confidentiality.
  • We fulfill our social responsibility and service as a corporate citizen.
  • We devote ourselves to the community and do our best to protect the environment by recognizing that the protection of the natural environment is a prerequisite for sustainable development.
  • Address
    3rd Fl., Seohyeon building, 326, Hwangsaeul-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • How to get here
    Get off at Subway Bundang Line Seohyeon Station Exit 4 and the Coffee Bean Building across from Gate 2 of AK Plaza.
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We will provide a stable environment in which we can win-win each other through business method of think together and make together.
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