We understand diversity and achieve harmony.

    Our strength lies in our passion and vision towards harmony. As a leader in the global content industry, We combine various cultures and inspirations to create diverse and creative content.

    We respect each other and trust one another.

    To expand in the industry, understanding and respect for individuals and cultures are essential. We aim to create an environment with an open heart where each team member can grow, which is crucial for the growth of our company.

    We create the value of innovation based on autonomy and creativity.

    We strive to innovate in continuous content creation, valuing each individual's creativity without prejudice. With this philosophy, we offer valuable and improved services and solutions through endless challenges and collaborations.


  • 1997 - 2004
    Launched 'UFO TOWN', a wired and wireless fan mail service.
    Started distribution business of neighboring rights of music.
    Awarded 1st place in digital content '5857 ringtone service'
    Established Danal
    Launched SKT 'ringback tone' service
    Seleted as operator for SKT 'JUNE Mobile broadcasting'
    Launched music listening platform ''
    Launched KTF ringtone serivce
    Awarded 'Jang Yeong Sil' Awarad with integrated payment solution
    Lauched call waiting tone service
    Launched mobile karaoke service
    Awarded Digital Content Expo Award
    Launched Korea's first WAP ringone service
    Launced ringtone download service (700-5857)
    Provided SKT/KTF/PCS etc ringtone download service
  • 2005 - 2014
    Launched music service 'Dal.Komm MUSIC'.
    Spin off from Danal and incorporated Danal Entertainment Co., Ltd. into KOSDAQ.
    Commenced 'dal.komm COFFEE business - 1st store opened in Nonhyeon.
    MCP Contract with KakaoTalk Emoticon Store.
    Commenced K-POP star merchandise production and global distribution business.
    Commenced video content distribution business such as Movie/Animation/Drama.
    Export sound source to Big Band, a global music distributor.
    Supplied lyrics solution to
    Supplied emoticons to Chinese Tencent(QQ,WeChat) and Thai mobile network AIS.
    Developed and launched Big Bang’s mobile photo book (Awarded).
    Opened 6 dal.komm COFFEE stores - Spin off from own company and incorporated dal.komm Co., Ltd.
    Acquired N-xing Mobile, a lyrics solution company.
    Exclusive Distribution in Korea and abroad the Dong-A/Shinchon Music’s sound source.
    Launched a celebrity video phone service 'Star Call'.
    Chairman Seong-Chan Park awarded Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit.
    Securing the neighboring rights of (formerly)Daeyoung AV's music.
    Launched 'UFO Radio', Star-Fan Voice Communication.
    Awarded Distinguished Service Award 2008 for Mobile Content Services.
  • 2015 - Present
    Attracting investment from Hana Financial Group.
    Launched a global music distribution platform, 'AURORA'.
    Collaboration on security token business with Hana Bank and Hana Financial Investment.
    Launched an emoticon maker app, 'SmileMe'.
    J-Cera' signed an exclusive contract with D STUDIO.
    Danal Entertainment's YouTube channel surpassed 1 million subscribers.
    Expansion of platform business and entry into Fandustry.
    Established D STUDIO.
    Released DANI’s single album New York(with Kei of Lovelyz).
    Signed an MOU with DasanBooks to produce music and webtoon convergence content.
    Exported music to over 20 global music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.
    Selected as an overseas distributor agency for RIAK’s licensed content
    Signed a deal with U.S. Tidal and Arab(Middle East) Anghami
    Participated in 2019 Korea Creator Fest
    Signed exclusive contract with singer, 'DANI(Hyukjin Park)'.
    Exported sound source to a famous Japanese record producer 'King Records'.
    Acquired domestic master license for the Japanese character, 'Kanahei’s Small animals'.
    'Dal.Komm Day Project' series album production.
    Commenced character MD production and writer management business.
    Released K-POP star's WeChat emoticon for the first time in Korea.
    Supplied lyrics service to Collaboration karaoke service of LOEN Entertainment.
    Launched 'UFO TOWN' APP, 1: 1 communication service with K-POP stars.

Company Identity




The brand logo of Danal Entertainment represents the concept of "soar" for a global content company. It is shaped in wings and the initial "V" for VICTORY, symbolizing victory and success. Just as RED and BLUE come together to create PURPLE, it signifies the merging of various cultures and joys to represent our infinite vision of creativity.