We are looking for
The coming day is a good day! The passion for the good people to
come together and move on to the bigger world continues.
Challenging Person

A person who explores the future with a passion and
a clear sense of purpose and challenge instead of fearing failure.
Creative Person

We always pursue new ideas and innovative ways
in an open and horizontal organizational culture.
Humble Person

A person who respects the opinion of the other person
with an open mind and thinks and cares about others before me.
Employee Benefits
No Hierarchy

Autonomous and creative atmosphere

Management Incentive, Best Employee Benefit
Education Support

Language Education, Job Education, Certificate in related the job
Official Lunch Break

Extension of 30 minutes in Lunch Break
Family (Personal) Events

Family (Personal) Events Fund, Holiday, Birthday Fund
Long Service Benefit

Employee Benefits of Long Service (more than 5 years)
In-house Club

Football, Bowling, Fishing, Screen Golf, Board Game
Gathering Events

company Anniversary Event, Year-End Event,
Workshop, Company Track Meet
Health checkup

Full Support of health checkup every year
Break Lounge

Having of Capsule Coffee Machine, Snacks
Sweet Benefit

1 cup of a coffee for free in Dalkom Coffee
30% Discount of Direct store of Dalkom Coffee
Providing Lunch

Running of Danal Family Restaurant
Membership for Recreation Facilities

Sonohotelsresort, Ethrenresort
Danal Entertainment operates objective and in-depth recruitment
procedures to secure and recruit talented people.
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