We’re looking for passionate individuals to join us.


We embrace courageous challenges to forge a new path.

Without fear of failure in our new adventure, we passionately pursue an innovative future with clear goals and courage.

We strive for creativity through open communication.

We encourage team members to express their opinions confidently in a free and open environment, and support each other to unleash their potential and abilities.

We work together to create innovation for the team.

We walk together, value team members' opinions with an open heart, rely on each other, and foster the company's growth.
  • Leisure
  • Rewards
  • Cultural Activities
  • Individual Growth
  • Health


Refreshing Vacation

Support for overseas travel every 4 years.

90-minute lunchtime

For leisurely meals and ample rest.

Resort membership

Discounted stays at top-tier domestic resorts for employees' vacation.

Efficient annual leave system

Flexible use of full-day, half-day, and quarter-day leave systems.

Family Occasion

Support for celebratory occasions with birthday and congratulatory gifts, as well as condolence funds, floral arrangements, and necessary items along with condolence leave.



For a special performance

5-year anniversary

Long-term service awards and bonus leave granted in five-year intervals to employees dedicated to their work.

Employee referral program

Referral bonus up to 3 million won if they are ultimately hired.


Bi-annual performance bonuses are awarded based on both company performance and individual evaluations (given during Lunar New Year and Chuseok).

Cultural Activities

Employee discount at Dal.Komm Coffee

Enjoy a 30% discount at all Dal.Komm Coffee branches (1 free drink per day at the Bundang Seohyun branch).

In-house lounge

A space where you can taste a variety of snacks and coffee, and enjoy coffee time with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.


Support for club activities such as studies, hobbies, etc., enabling colleagues to participate in group activities together.

Individual Growth

Language education fee

Support 70% of the language academy tuition fees (with an attendance rate of over 70% & up to 100,000 won)

Qualification examination fees

Support for qualification examination fees once a year (up to 200,000 won) when passing.


Medical check-up

Support health check-ups for employees' health management.

Flu vaccination

Support the vaccination costs for the health and safety of employees.

Danal Cafeteria

Free high-quality lunch provided.
  1. Step 1.

    Application Phase

    Verification of competencies and application requirements.

  2. Step 2.

    1st Interview

    Verification of job knowledge, experience, and potential competencies.

  3. Step 3.

    2nd Interview

    Verification of personality focusing on core values and organizational suitability.

  4. Step 4.


    Final confirmation after negotiation of employment.

Innovate, collaborate, and succeed together.